ハウスダンス草創期から、ハウスダンスを軸にジャスダンスとアクロバティックなフロアームーブを得意とし、現在でもパフォーマー(CARNIVAL)インストラクターとして活動中。BARBARA TUCKER JAPAN TOURバックダンサーやDANNY KRIVITのゲストショーに出演するなど日本女性ハウスダンサーのLEGEND的な存在になっている。


日本最大規模のZEALスタジオの立ち上げに携わり、2001年〜2015年6000人規模のダンスイベント「WORLD WIDE」をプロデュース。

ストリートダンス×アクロバティック集団BLUE TOKYOを発足。青森大学、青森山田高校と共に新体操の舞台「BLUE」を主催。BLUE TOKYOが青森市観光大使に任命される。WORLD OF DANCE in LASVEGAS優勝。(2017年)

PARCO「ASTERISK」(2013~2016)国際交流基金「DANCE DANCE ASIA – Crossing the Movements」アーツカウンシル東京「Shibuya Street Dance Week」 (2014〜)の制作を行う。




Akiko Ueno is a dance performer, dance instructor, dance event producer & director, and further “President & Representative Director” of LTG Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan, the main business of which is to plan, direct and produce various street dance event, and execute casting of TV-CM and Music Video and so on.
She started her dance-career in her elementary school days, and her first stage was to learn “Japan Traditional Dancing”(Nihon Buyou). After her graduation of High School, she met “House Dance” and got into full swing for it in 1990s, so-called “Pioneer days” of street dance in Japan. She is good at jazz dance and acrobatic floor-move that turns on house-dance. As a member of famous dance unit, she is still an active dancer.

On a basis of excellent skill as a dancer, abundant connection and net-work regarding dance business, she founded a company limited mentioned above, with a focus on arrangement and embodiment of scene-making of street dance.
Achievement of LTG
+ Producing of “World-wide” , one of the largest dance events(6,000persons scale) held annually in Tokyo
+ Organizing of Street-dance/Acrobatic performance team “Blue Tokyo”(BT) as producer.
BT won “WORLD OF DANCE in Las Vegas” in 2017.
+ Producing of “ DANCE DANCE ASIA-Crossing the Movements” held in Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar under the sponsorship of The Japan Foundation
+ Producing of “Shibuya Street Dance Week” held in Tokyo under the sponsorship of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Ms. Ueno is still a skillful and expressive dancer, and an aggressive dance producer with multiple ability.